2017 EBMT Gala

The 2017 EBMT Gala gala was held at the EY Centre, Ottawa, with CBC television and radio journalist  Adrian Harewood of CBC as the affable MC.  This spectacular event raised the bar on the 2013 EBMT Gala in every way……from the excellent fare prepared by Barbadian and Canadian chefs; to the top-notch cocktail and dinner live entertainment by up-and-coming young jazz musicians;  to the intimate concert appearance of renowned jazz musician Oliver Jones, who is one of Canada’s most beloved and celebrated pianists. Select below to enjoy highlights of this memorable evening:

  1. Cocktails with Magella & Felix
  2. Dinner entertainment with Neil Sealy & Co.
  3. Service Awards
  4. Oliver Jones in concert

Click here for a photo gallery of EBMT Gala 2017