1. complete application consists of the following six (6) items:
    1. Application FormPlease download and complete the pdf-fillable form using PDF software such as Adobe Acrobat, Foxit or Microsoft Edge.  Alternatively, print the form, complete it manually and then scan it for submission as an email attachment. Download Now
    2. Proof of citizenship of the Caribbean Commonwealth, or proof of descent (e.g., copy of birth certificate, copy of passport).
    3. Copy of admission letter from the educational institution offering the program to be pursued.
    4. Official transcript from the last educational institution attended. Transcripts are to be sent by the institution directly to the Trust.
    5. A statement of 500 – 750 words describing the reasons for applying for the award and especially indicating how it will assist in achieving career goals and contribute to the long-term development of the Caribbean Commonwealth.
    6. Two (2) letters of recommendation from persons who are not directly related to the applicant and who are familiar with the applicant’s academic background and/or experience in the chosen field and can attest to his/her potential for success in the chosen field of study.  Recommendations are to be sent by the referees directly to the Trust.
  2. Awards will be made no more than twice per year, on a semester basis. The complete application MUST be received by the applicable deadline:
    1. July 1st for awards tenable for the Fall Semester of the applicable academic year.
    2. November 1st for awards tenable for the Winter Semester of the applicable academic year.
  3. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the institution and the referees are aware of the deadline pertinent to the application (EBMT will notify applicants when documents are received).
    1. Applicants, referees and institutions may choose email, regular mail, or any other method to submit documents to the Trust, using the applicable EBMT address as shown on the Application Form. However, the Trust shall not be held responsible for mailing delays, addressing errors or for the use of an incorrect email address.  It is suggested that applicants follow-up on the status of submitted documents.
    2. Regardless of the method of document submissions to the Trust, the Applicant MUST provide an email address (on the Application Form) to facilitate return communication by the Trust.
  4. The Board of Trustees of EBMT has sole responsibility for the selection of successful applicants, based on an internal assessment of all applications received.  The amount of the each award will be determined by the Trust.
  5. Awardees will normally be notified by August 15 for awards tenable for the Fall Semester, and by December 15 for awards tenable for the Winter Semester.  Awards are applied towards the semester stated in the application, except in special cases expressly authorized by the Trust.
  6. Awards are non-renewable; awardees cannot receive more than one (1) award.
  7. Awards will not be paid directly to the recipient
    1. It is the policy of the Trust to pay the award directly to the account of the student at the institution where he/she is registered.
    2. To enable payment of the award, the successful applicant shall provide EBMT with the postal address of the institution’s Financial Services Office.