Past Award Recipients

Since 2009, the Trust has helped 32 students to pursue a wide range of studies.  The awards total more than $91,000.  The list of the award winners with their areas of study is provided below (click table to enlarge).
The assistance of the Trust has been gratefully appreciated by the awardees.  Here’s a sample of what they have to say about how the award has helped them:

“In alignment with the vision of the Trust I will continue to advance academically in my field and strive to be an unofficial ambassador for the Errol Barrow Memorial Trust of Canada.”
Keriann Johnson, Recipient. 2011

“The grant aided in defraying the overall cost of the bachelor of Music program at Acadia University and it also helped me to fulfil my dream of studying violin cello at an advanced level. Now, as a result of my studies, I am better equipped to share my knowledge and experience with others.”
Shontelle Baptiste, Recipient, 2013

“Your generosity and kindness will always be remembered by me as I continue my career in social services. The support you have given me will be a factor in my future endeavours, as I work to positively impact my community.”
Trisha Jordan, Recipient, 2013

“I would like to express sincere gratitude  to the Errol Barrow Memorial Trust of Canada for honoring me with  one of your awards. It will indeed facilitate me as I continue to pursue my studies at Western University.”
Chad Wickham, Recipient, 2014

“By granting me this award, you are giving me the opportunity to remain in school and to concentrate on my studies without the worry and anxiety that I have been feeling recently.”
Destini Gibbs,Recipient, 2015

“Lots of gratitude comes from me to you for this very generous award towards my further education and career as a professional performing and recording artist. It is still surreal to be midway in real life of what was once just a thought.”
Joseph Callender, Recipient, 2016

“I look forward to sharing with the community the fruits of my education in Linguistics while upholding the standards of the EBMT during my studies this year.”
Hayley Gooding, Recipient, 2018